Frequently asked questions about Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters FAQ’s

If you are thinking about installing Wooden Shutters into your home you probably have a number of questions that you would like answered before you make your final decision.

Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently about Wooden Shutters by customers so we hope the answers might help your decision-making process that little bit easier.

  1. What are the benefits of Wooden Shutters over curtains?
    Wooden Shutters are aesthetically pleasing and provide a modern alternative to curtains. They are versatile in their design and can add extra security to a home as well offer energy-saving benefits. Due to the material used in the manufacturing process wooden shutters add a valid source of insulation during the winter and act as their own cooling system and light source in the warmer months.
  1. How do I clean my Plantation Shutters?
    Plantation Shutters can be cleaned simply with a duster and wood polish or just a damp cloth if your wooden shutters are made from uPVC.
  1. Will Wooden Shutters help to keep out window draughts?
    Most definitely! Wooden shutters are very energy efficient as they act as a second barrier against the outside elements making it more difficult for a breeze to seep its way into your cosy living room.
  1. How many styles of Shutters are there and can they be made to my exact requirements?
    We offer five different styles of plantation shutters, these being, Classic, Marchwood, Phoenix, Grovewood and Vienna. Each style has different manufacturing characteristics making each shutter suitable for varying home environments. For example, the Vienna Shutter is ideal for moist or humid conditions so are perfect for use in bathrooms or wet rooms, whereas the Classic Shutters are a great choice for the more budget conscious. Manufactured using an MDF outer and a polymer coating they are a more affordable option than solid wood. All our Shutters are cut to client’s exact measurements so can be fitted into most window shapes including circular and triangular spaces.
  1. How long will my Wooden Shutters last?
    Provided they are cleaned regularly and maintained there is no reason why your Wooden Plantation Shutters can’t last a lifetime.
  1. How much do Wooden Shutters cost?
    As all our shutters are bespoke and designed to a customers exact measurements costs can vary. To obtain a quote, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or give us a call on 02392 359683 and a member of our dedicated team will contain you to arrange an appointment.