Phoenix Shutters

Introducing The Phoenix Shutter Range

Phoenix shutters are a very lightweight hardwood that comes from a Parasol tree. This grows to full height (45 ft) in only eight years. The eight rings (one for each year of growth) produce a distinctive character and a grain reminiscent of oak that stands out even when painted.

The timber is solution soaked for one month, after which the moisture is vacuumed out leaving a strong but very lightweight, bleached wood. The bleaching leaves the wood almost white, which means that we can offer a range of stained, finishes as well as the ever-popular painted shades.

Phoenix shutters are one of the most popular materials. Phoenix shutters can be used in every single style including Full height, cafe style, tier on tier, bay windows, tracked shutters and all shaped shutters.

Our Phoenix shutters can be used for wide windows as you can have multiple panels hinged together due to their light weight.

One of the benefits of choosing Cherrytree Shutters to manage your Shutter project is that no matter how many panels you choose to have, it does not effect the price!!! You can select you prefered size of louvre, your ideal style of frame and your desired amount of doors and we guarantee the price will remain the same!!!

Phoenix Shutter Range
Bay Window Shutter in Fareham
Full Length Shutter in Fareham
Bay Window Shutter in Fareham