wooden shutters or blinds

Wooden Shutters or Blinds?

Deciding on which window finishing would suit your home the best can be a tough choice and one that deserves spending some time thinking over. Window coverings have a huge effect on the feel of a room from the light source to the appearance they have on your furnishings. It is important to take your whole room into consideration and your outside space before deciding on which to opt for.

Wooden Shutters are crafted to the exact dimensions of your window space so can cover almost any shaped window. The wooden finish gives them a natural, earthy quality creating an air of calm in the room and the light source that enters the space can be easily controlled. Shadows that are cast into the room seem soft and light rather than dark and sharp meaning the colour of your soft furnishing’s don’t change dramatically which can often happen when darker shadows are cast. Another benefit to Wooden Shutters is that many of then can be painted to complement your existing colour scheme, if you don’t want to stick with the natural wooden or crisp white finish.

Blinds are more restricted in their design and work better for standard, square or rectangular windows and in rooms where light control isn’t as important. For example a baby’s nursery might benefit more from a blind (with a safety cord) as you tend to either have them open fully when the baby is awake or closed for nap time – rather than half open. Black out options are also available in blinds, which again might suit your bedroom spaces more.

That said, wooden shutters come in a vast array of designs and finishes that many offer a complete black out feature. The main thing to consider is what will work within your living space and how it will interact with the space that you have created.