Top 5 Reasons for choosing Wooden plantation shutters

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Wooden Plantation Shutters!

Wooden shutters are becoming increasingly popular & it’s not hard to see why! We could list hundreds of reasons why you should choose wooden plantation shutters for your home but we will start with just 5!

We believe that the benefits your receive from having wooden shutters installed in your home or office merit the price you pay for them and in exchange receive a premium product. Our wooden shutters provide not only aesthetic qualities but practical uses. As we explain in just some of our reasons below:

  1. Aesthetic quality. Wooden shutters bring something to your home in which blind & curtains simply cannot. They complement all types of decor & style, by fitting seamlessly in a wide range of sizes and mounting options.
  2. Energy Efficiency. If you’re looking for something which not only looks beautiful but saves you money on your home heating bills then wooden shutters are for you. They not only do a great job of keeping out cold winter draughts and keeping in the heat from your fire/radiators. They also will help deflect sunlight in the Summer keeping your room cooler saving on the use of air conditioning & fans.
  3. Child-Safe. In a modern-day busy family home, you need to know your children are as safe as they can be in their own space. The cords from blinds are not only super tempting to little hands to pull and potentially pull down, but to also get stuck in. You can rest assured with wooden shutters there are no excess dangling strings to get stuck in!
  4. Low Maintenance. Two words all busy household love to hear! Shutters are super low maintenance, cleaning just takes a damp cloth to wipe away any dust, grime or marks. No need to waste your time trying to carefully wipe each individual plastic slate on a blind without bending or breaking them. One quick wipe & they’ll be gleaming.
  5. Complete Privacy. When you’re relaxing in your own home you want to feel as if there is no-one else around you. You are in your own haven of bliss. Wooden Shutters can help by adding complete privacy to the room without losing all light from outside in seconds.

Just one more reason (we couldn’t stop at 5) did you know wooden shutters actually increase your homes market value, so if it wasn’t enough that they had saved you money on your energy bills, they have also increased your home’s value! An investment well worth making.

If you would like to know more about our wooden shutters and the benefits they can add to your home please contact us.