Tier On Tier Shutters

Introducing The Tier on Tier Range

Tier on tier shutters are two sets of Shutters installed one on top of the other in the same frame (similar to a stable door) with the split generally in line with a horizontal glazing bar on the window. Each set operates independently offering flexible control of light and privacy. These are most suitable for sash windows.

Why Opt for The Tier on Tier Range?

Tier on tier would suit windows that require a mix between Café style and full height. You can obtain privacy with maximum light with the ability to be able to close the top section when less light is required. Tier on Tier shutters work best when you have wall space beside the window to allow the panels to be folded back.
Heritage Range

Interested in Tier On Tier Shutters?

At Cherry Tree Shutters we are often asked

“What happens if I want to change my windows after my shutters have been fitted?”

This is not an issue for us, as long as you are not changing the size or style of window, for example a square window for a bay window.

We have had clients approach us recently that have had shutters installed 9 years ago and were looking to update their windows. Our clients live in a luxurious 3 story town house in Southea, Portsmouth where shutters are becoming very popular and we have installed many bespoke plantation wooden shutters in and around Portsmouth, Hampshire.

With this particular enquiry we were able to uninstall their tier on tier shutters with no problems causing absolutely no damage to the shutters, windows or window boards. We then stored the shutter frames and doors neatly so that the window fitters could come and take the old windows out and install the new ones.

Once the new windows were installed we went back to re-install their wooden shutters. These particular tier on tier shutters were installed on a build out frame and as we are fully qualified carpenters, it was no problem for us to scribe in the build out frame to the new windows.

When we had finished installing their bespoke shutters, our clients were amazed at how well the job had gone, there was no hold ups or problems from start to finish. The customer actually admitted that the shutters were installed better by us than they were by the previous the company that installed them originally.

The client was so happy with the service that they had received from us at Cherrytree Shutters, that they ordered 3 more shutters from us. We listened to their ideas for the new shutters and then guided them on which shutters would be suitable.

As two of the new shutter we going to be installed to their bathroom, we suggested going for our Vienna range. Our Vienna range are made of a material called ABS

ABS is a highly durable and waterproof material ideal for moist or humid conditions and so is recommended for use in bathrooms and wet rooms. This special material is used in industry to make hardwearing and tough components for cars, electrical appliances and in the building trade.

ABS shutters are constructed using an enclosed timber core in the stiles to ensure stability and using the same precision manufacturing techniques used in making timber shutters.

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