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At Cherry Tree Shutters Petersfield we cover the Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex areas. A very popular are for shutters at the moment is in Petersfield. Each week we are finding we are receiving more and more Shutter enquires from the Petersfield area. Petersfield is located just off of the A3 in Hampshire.

Shutters are becoming ever more popular in Petersfield. This could be due to the fact that shutters are the perfect solution for large and different shaped windows. Petersfield has a lot of bay windows and shutters offer a perfect shading solution. Cherry Tree Shutters offer a vast range of shutters including Full height shutters, Cafe style shutters, Tier On Tier shutters, Tracked shutters for patio doors, Shaped shutters and conservatory shutters. We can offer shutters for any size or shaped windows in Petersfield and surrounding areas.Please click the link to see the different styles of shutters we offer. Shutter Styles

We have installed many shutters in Petersfield over the last few month especially. One of the most popular shutter styles we install are the tier on tier options. These shutters offer a great solution for Sash windows. A tier on tier shutter allows you to operate many doors on one shutter. Almost like a stable door, you can have the lower part of the shutter closed into the window whilst having the top fold folded back against the wall to allow maximum light in. There many options available for tier on tier shutters such as 47mm Louvre, 63mm louvre, 89mm louvre and a 114mm louvre. You can also have a centre tilt rod to control rod to operate the louvres as well as an offset tilt rods. The other option is a silent tilt rod. With this option, the mechanics are built into the side of the styles and are operated by tilting the louvres by hand.

At Cherry Tree Shutters Petersfield we aim to work with all our customers listening to their ideas and combining it with our industry expertise to create the ideal solution for your home or business. At Cherry Tree Shutters Petersfield we believe we have the leading edge over any other company, as fully qualified carpenters will manage and fit your Wooden Plantation Shutters.

If you live in the Petersfield area and are interested in shutters, Please contact us. We offer a FREE no obligation Quote. We will visit you in your home or workplace and bring a demonstration bag with us so that you can have a go on a working model, see the hundreds of colours available and get a feel for how shutters would look in your windows. We also have advanced software that we can take a picture of your window and the add shutters to the picture so you can see exactly what the shutters will look like. This is exclusive to Cherry Tree Shutters.