Elegant bedroom completed with wooden shutters

‘Shut-ter’ your eyes for a great night’s sleep…

roundup-sleeping-in-dark-room-juicebarIt is recommended that the average adult requires between 7-9 hours sleep per night and that optimum sleep occurs when resting in a completely darkened room before heading off to the land of nod. However with the introduction of smart phones & tablets combined with the stress and fast pace of modern society it seems there is often not enough time to sleep as well as work, socialise and run a home with a young family. This results in many of us laying in bed at night on our phones playing catch up on activities that weren’t completed during the day which results in poor quality/not enough sleep.

Now, we can’t help you restructure your work/play/sleep balance but we can help to create a restful bedroom for you to rest your weary head in at the end of a busy day to aid a well deserved good nights sleep.


Shutters are renowned for their ability to control the amount of light that floods into a room so are a perfect
choice for bedrooms and we would recommend Full Height Shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters or Solid Shutters. Traditional solid shutters offer the ultimate in black-out options as they are, as the name suggests, created from solid slats of wood that close completely flush resulting in a totally dark environment. If you want the option to angle the amount of natural light that shines into your bedroom throughout the day a louvered shutter would provide you with the ability to do so.

Our Full Height or Tier-on-Tier Shutters reign victorious here as the slats can be positioned at different angles during the day to control the light source but can also be completely closed at night.

Shutters are also great for drowning out street noise that might keep you awake at night and they keep the heat in meaning your electricity bills could be lowered during the winter months as you wont need to have it on constantly.

Combine your functional and gorgeously dressed bedroom windows with calming décor and soft lighting then jump into bed, turn off the gadgets and drift off into a peaceful slumber…