Shaped Shutters

Introducing The Shaped Shutter Range

Shaped shutters can be manufactured to almost any shape that are found within the window industry this will allow you to find a solution to dress those awkward shape windows. Common shapes include Arched, Circle, Tapered, Triangular, Hexagonal, and Fan top.

Why Opt for The Shaped Shutter Range?

Shutters are the ultimate shading solution for shaped windows. They are made precisely to every curve angle and contour. Unlike fabric blinds, shutters can operate perfectly in to an arch window or even a hexagonal window! This is where shutters really do come in to their own.

Interested in Shaped Shutters?

A lot of houses on the south coast are often built with awkward shaped windows, such as arched windows or triangular windows. These are extremely hard to find any kind of shading for. Blinds are ok to use in a triangular window but still let in a lot of light and if the window is not completely true, this created all kinds of issues with the blind not covering the window correctly.

That is why are bespoke plantation shutters are the perfect solution. We can Install shutters into any shape window, no matter what the shape is. As our shutters are completely made to measure and surveyed by the person who will be installing your shutters, we have no problem in covering some of the trickiest and awkward windows.

The most common awkward shape window we come up against is the arched window. Arched window are no doubt the hardest window to cover as there are no blinds, nets or curtains thats can run the same definition and curve around the top of a recess. However wooden plantation shutter can. Whether the arched window has a very high deep arch or a long shallow arch, we will be able to create a perfect shutter to fit.

Our shaped shutters come with a variety of options such as being electric. Electric shutters are the perfect solution for windows that are high up or slightly out of reach. They come with a handy remote for easy use.

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