Sitting room wooden shutters

Revamp Your Living Room

Typically the relaxation hub of the home, your living room is the place you can kick back, relax and let your mind unwind at the end of a hard day. Or perhaps your living room is alive with activity! The kids playing, the TV on watching your favourite shows or having a Netflix binge! So, how do you make sure your living room is multifunctional in both style & use for the whole family? To ensure you get the best out of your living room you need to create the atmosphere which works for you, your family & your living room.
Sitting Room Wooden Shutters

How to make the most out of Wooden Shutters for your living room

During the day you can have the morning light pouring in to your living room. The wooden shutters can be tilted to let in as much light as opening the curtains which may be blocking part of the window each side. Should the sunlight become too much simply tilt your wooden shutters slightly. This is also a key safety feature if you have little ones around, no cords to pull or get tangled in, great for pets aswell, no curtains for cats to climb or dogs to lay on! You can maintain your privacy by having wooden shutters for your living room if you’re over looked, or near a path you can still have the daylight into your room without having to have a net curtain in place, which isn’t particularly the style of most living rooms! After a hard days work there is nothing better than relaxing with a cold beer or glass of wine and instantly creating the ambience by tilting the wooden shutters in your living room to help you unwind, the outside world is instantly blocked.
Wooden Shutters for your Sitting Room

Wooden shutters for your living room help towards ensuring you have clutter free windows and walls. Wooden shutters keep the style sleek with a clean finish. The Wooden shutters are fully fitted to your window size, no more having curtains which are too long & pool on the floor, or too short & still show some of the window ledge. 

The wooden shutters also eliminate the need to drill holes in your living room walls for a curtain pole, which overhangs either side of your window. Wooden shutters for your living room are ideal especially if you have a large bay window and do not want the mass curtain gathering either side of the window. Alternatively if you have a smaller window in your living you want to see as much of this as possible, by having wooden shutters for your living room you can ensure that you let in the maximum light possible or block the light dependant of your needs.

Why not make a feature wall out of your window space, the window area is usually one of the largest walls in the room, by having wooden shutters you are making a key focal point which can compliment all styles of decor. This is a great tip if your living room is on the small side as your feature wall is then the wall which brings the most light. Click here to view the types of Shutters available for your sitting room.