Plantation Shutters Isle Of Wight

Plantation Shutters Isle Of Wight

Cherrytree shutters are the number one company for plantation shutters Isle Of Wight. As a company we have been installing plantation shutters on the the Isle Of Wight for around 5 years now. We have installed plantation shutters all over the Isle Of Wight in places such as

  1. Ryde
  2. Carisbrook
  3. Sea View
  4. Fishbourne
  5. East Cows
  6. Benbridge
  7. Newport
  8. Freshwater
  9. Yarmouth

Plantation shutters are becoming a fantastic solution for window covering on the Isle Of Wight. Our Customer tell us how the love our products as they offer so many benefits compared to traditional window dressings. Curtains are very bulky and heavy. Blinds end up becoming brittle and break. Plantation shutters offer maximum light control as well as adding value to their house and being very simple to maintain.


The Isle Of Wight its a small island based of the south coast. It is extremely popular with holiday makers and people that are fortunate enough to have a holiday home. Plantation shutters are very popular with this type of client as the shutters offer added security. This means that when the holiday homes are left empty during the winter months, plantations shutters can act as a deterrent against thieves.


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