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Shutters in Bay Windows Chichester

Bay Window Shutters Chichester have become extremely popular on the south coast.

We have seen a rise in sales especially in the Bognor Regis and Chichester area. Houses in these areas tend to have large Bay Widows that can often be difficult to find shading solutions for.

Curtains can be hard to manage in Bay Windows due to the angles and curtain poles become impossible to fit. Blinds are another solution, but between each section of bay there can be problems as you have to use multiple headrails. Therefor creating gaps between each blind.

This is why we believe our bespoke plantation shutters are the ultimate solution as there are no gaps where we use a bay post made to the same angle as your windows. This bay post give us the ability to position the shutters closer to your window in turn creating more space for you within your room.

With no gaps this style of shutter becomes the ideal solution for bedrooms and south facing windows as when the louvers are shut letting less light leak into the room.

These shutters are available in a range of styles including Cafe Style, Tier on Tier and Full Height. All can be order with a mid rail where you are able to control the light by operating independently the top and bottom sections.

This is also great for street level windows where you can close the bottom section for privacy yet still let light into the room through the top section.

Why choose Cherry Tree Shutters?  – Cherry Tree offer affordable prices whilst offering the best possible customer service keeping you the customer informed throughout the design, sale, manufacturing and installation of your wooden plantation shutters. At Cherry Tree we aim to work with all our customers listening to their ideas and combining it with our industry expertise to create the ideal solution for your home or business. At Cherry Tree shutters we believe we have the leading edge over any other company, as fully qualified carpenters will manage and fit your Wooden Plantation Shutters

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