Plantation Shutters Havant

Welcome to Plantation Shutters Havant from Cherrytree Shutters. All our Shutters are custom made to fit any type or shape of window with your home. At Cherrytree Shutters we offer a number of options of colours and finishes.


Plantation Shutters Havant

Cherrytree Shutters will fit all our shutters to suit your home décor, not the other way around. Whether its the lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, we will strive to meet your design needs.

Our most popular range of shutters are our Classic Range. The Classic range is the perfect choice if you require the fashionable Plantation Shutters along with affordability.

Classic style Shutters are a great all rounder. They are more durable than some of the other shutters available on the market.
They are great if you have pets or small children and do not mark or dent as easy as lighter materials.
Classic Style shutters can be used for full height shutters, cafe style shutters and in bay window shutters.

That is why for residents looking for Plantation Shutters in Havant we recommend our Classic Range of shutters above all else.

Low Maintenance

Shutters are extremely low maintenance. They will never need repainting or spraying. Just a clean every now and again to keep them looking fresh.

Child Safety

Shutters have no chords or chains for children to get caught up in making them completely safe.

Talk to us if you are in the market to improve the beauty of your home and are considering window shutters. Click on our contact us page or view our branches page and request a callback from one of our sales representatives.