Let there be light…

To celebrate the start of summer the south’s leading shutter company, Cherry Tree Shutters are offering customers a fantastic selection of plantation shutters at hugely competitive prices. Shutters offer privacy as well as fantastic light control, perfect for long summer days and light nights.

Since most homes are built with winter in mind, during the summer months many homes can turn into a human oven. The simple solution would be to open the interior windows as wide as possible to allow for a breeze but unfortunately this isn’t always an option due to prying eyes from nosey neighbours or noise congestion from busy roads. Plantation shutters really come into their own at this time of year due to their sheer versatility and ability to fit into any window space. Cherry Tree Shutters offers a vast selection of styles to suit any room. Café Style Shutters are a popular choice at this time of year as they only cover the bottom half of the window meaning they protect a homeowner’s privacy whilst still allowing the natural sunlight to shine through at the top.

Dan, Brown, at Cherry Tree Shutters comments,

“Summer is one of the busiest times of year for us as homeowners are spending more time outside allowing us to get inside and complete our work without interrupting their lifestyle too much. Customers think about installing shutters during the warmer months because they allow them the option to stop sun glare getting into the room without shutting out the sunlight completely. Many of our shutter styles allow you to operate the top and bottom panels separately so you can control the amount of sunlight or even breeze that comes in. Perfect for taking advance of the warmer weather.”