Remote Controlled Shutters

Introducing The Ultimate in Window Coverings – Remote Controlled Shutters!

This time-saving extra lets you control your shutters remotely, simply and effortlessly, at the touch of a button. Plantation Shutters’ intelligent design stops the motors if anything blocks the louvre motion making this a safe choice for younger children with inquisitive fingers. Available in a wide range of styles and installation types, if you’re looking for motorised shutters, they are the perfect choice.

Easy to control via a stylish remote control, the PowerMotion optional extra makes operating the shutter even easier. Ideal for hard to reach areas and larger installations, this new option puts getting the right light levels at your fingertips.

Built-in jam protection makes it a safe choice for family homes with younger children. Little fingers could get in the way when trying to close the shutters before bed, but you can rest assured that PowerMotion will disengage with any obstruction, meaning it is a child friendly option for bedrooms.

Electric Window Shutters

Our new radio frequency motorisation system featuring a remote control that utilises the latest in radio frequency technology. The new radio frequency has many exciting features & benefits.

Why use Cherrytree Shutters for Remote Control Shutters?