Wooden Shutters for Bay Windows

Dress your windows for their shape!

People aren’t the only ones who need to think about what to wear to flatter their shape!

Windows need a little bit of help as well to complement their best assets and this is where Wooden Shutters or Plantation Shutters come into play. Bay windows, porthole windows, triangular and full-length windows are architectural masterpieces that deserve to be shown off in all their glory – don’t disguise them behind curtains, make a statement of them!

The main thing to remember when choosing the perfect Wooden Shutter for your irregular shaped windows is that you want to enhance the space not overpower it or obscure the windows shape. Therefore simplicity is key, which is why our range of bespoke, made to measure shutters are ideal as they are tailored to specific requirements so they follow the lines of your windows perfectly.

For the striking and ornate bay windows, our Bay Window Shutters are ideal for any shaped bay ranging from square style bay windows to splade style and are designed to allow for a superior fit within the neat framework. The full height option will allow you to dress your bay with no gaps between each section. They can be ordered with a mid-rail to allow for light control by operating the top and bottom sections independently.

Moving onto shaped windows, where the most common styles tend to include Arched, Circle, Tapered, Triangular, Hexagonal, and Fantop an experienced Wooden Shutter specialist will be able to recommend and install the perfect solution for these more unusual windows turning them from an ‘awkward hole in the wall’ to a beautiful focal point that shows off the architectural detailing. Shaped Wooden Shutters can shade all the parts of the window so that you have maximum control over the light levels entering your room.

For inspiration, why not view our extensive Gallery or pop into our brand NEW SHOWROOM where you can see and feel our shutters to gain a real insight into how they will look in your home.