Choosing the right window shutters for your home!

At Cherry Tree Shutters we offer a vast selection of Plantation Shutters suitable for any home. Whether you’re looking for modern, traditional, child-friendly or bespoke, we have a solution that will suit your home and your interior décor.

Read our Style File below to help you decide which plantation shutters provide your window with the perfect companion…

  • Classic Shutters – An engineered product made using a MDF outer and a polymer coating. The panels of this style of plantation shutters are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. The Classic range is a great all-rounder and the perfect choice if you require fashionable yet affordable plantation shutters. They are ideal in a family home with pets or small children as they are more durable and don’t mark or dent as easily as other styles of shutters. Our Classic Style plantation shutters can be used for full height shutters, cafe style shutters and in bay window shutters.
  • Marchwood Shutters – A step up in quality, these plantation shutters are made using engineered, solid hardwood shutter panels and utilising the same MDF frames used on Classic.
  • Phoenix Shutters – These are one of our most popular plantation shutters as they are extremely versatile as well as exuberating quality and style. Our Phoenix shutters can be used for wide windows as you can have multiple panels hinged together due to their light weight and can be used in every single style including full height, cafe style, tier on tier, bay windows, tracked shutters and all shaped shutters. Created using lightweight hardwood from a Parasol tree this charismatic wood produces a distinctive grain, due to the way it is grown, and is reminiscent of oak that stands out even when painted.
  • Grovewood Shutters – This style of shutter is made from premium Basswood, a superb fast growing and durable timber that gives these plantation shutters an exceptionally smooth finish showing off the grain when stained. They are available in a wide range of painted and stained finishes.
  • Vienna Shutters – Created from a substance called ABS which is a highly durable and waterproof material, these plantation shutters are perfect for use in the bathroom or a wetroom. Due to their quality engineering they can withstand moist and humid conditions.

For more information about any of the above styles or to view our plantation in situ please visit our Shutter Gallery and Shutter Styles pages.