Why Choose Local over National?

If you are in the market to improve the look and feel of your home, or what the environmental benefits or even if you are looking at reducing your energy bills then it is very important that you choose the right company.

Of course we will want to recommend ourselves to any potential customers, but we at Cherrytree Shutters has years of experience in the field and has services hundreds of customers within the Hampshire arena. Cherrytree Shutters are a leading Local Plantation Shutter company we offer affordable prices whilst offering the best possible customer service.

All our Plantation Shutters and Wooden Shutters are installed by qualified carpenters for the highest quality installation.

with over 500 independent customer reviews we score 9.96 our of 10 and are very proud of our results.

When looking around the internet or searching for Plantation Shutter companies we strongly recommend that you properly check the company out. Make sure you look to see if the company has any reviews or customer testimonials, this will help you get an overview of the service they have received.