Can Plantation Shutters Reduce Your Home Energy Bills?

Plantation Shutters or Wooden Shutters are fast becoming the the UK’s most wanted interior window covering for our homes and offices. Plantation Shutters offered by Cherrytree Shutters the South’s leading ‘Hampshire Plantation Shutter Company’ can offer a huge choice of stylish wooden shutters which can also save you money and increase the value of your property! A lot of customers ask us if Plantation Shutters Reduce Your Home Energy Bills?

We Have The Answer To Can Plantation Shutters Reduce Your Home Energy Bills

  • Keeping Warm in the Winter
    Did you know that the windows on our homes are responsible for 10-25% of our properties energy bill! So how can Plantation Shutters help to reduced your homes energy bills?
    Plantation Shutters can retain heat by up to 50%, the natural wood material traps air and prevents heat loss, keeping your windows more insulated.
  • Keeping Cool in the Summer
    Air Space reduces the buildup of solar heat within our homes, the slates on Plantation Shutters can be adjusted to offer better ventilation. This helps support our homes and prevents our rooms from becoming hot & stuffy.
  • Reducing Energy Bills
    Plantation Shutters do improve your properties energy efficiency, this allows your heating and cooling bills to be reduced throughout the course of the year. The enables you as homeowners to reduce the need to turn up the thermostat in the winter months and running costly air conditioning systems during the summer.

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Plantation Shutters Reduce Your Home Energy Bills