benefits of plantation shutters

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Our plantation shutters are a truly bespoke product. From cafe-style, to tier-on-tier, to the new blackout shutters, there are hundreds of different options, colours and configurations to choose from. But don’t panic. Our surveyors are here to advise you. We always welcome your questions and we will help you find the best solution for your windows and rooms.

Demand for plantation shutters has grown rapidly over the last few years. This is because shutters are stylish and elegant. But shutters are also extremely versatile in their light control and privacy functions. They can make your rooms look more spacious and they can make a significant contribution to the energy insulation of your rooms. Equally important, like most bespoke wood products, window shutters will last you for years, proving to be a very sound investment for your home. There truly are so many benefits of plantation shutters.

Here are some of the benefits of plantation shutters.


Shutters are stylish and elegant. They blend with the shape of your windows and open up the space around them, making the room look bigger. Shutters can also be made to fit most window sizes or shapes, including gambles and arches.


By moving the louvres in the shutter panels you can decide the level of privacy you want to achieve without taking the light out of your room. This is the perfect solution for rooms on basement floors or at street level.

Some other benefits of plantation shutters are

Light control

With shutters you are in total control of the amount of light to let in your room. By simply moving the louvres in the panel and by opening or closing the panels, you can decide how much light to let in. In addition, with the new blackout shutters you could achieve virtually 100% blackout in the room


Shutters are easy to clean and to maintain. Unlike other window coverings they do not need dry cleaning. They gather very little dust which can be easily brushed off. So if you suffer from dust allergies, you will love them!

If you are interested in finding our more about the benefits of plantation shutters, please contact us. We offer a FREE no obligation quote. We will visit you in your home or work place and bring a demonstration bag with us so that you can have a go on a working model, see the hundreds of colours available and get a feel for how shutters would look in your windows. We also have advanced software that we can take a picture of your window and the add shutters to the picture so you can see exactly what the shutters will look like. This is exclusive to Cherry Tree Shutters.