Creative ways to uses Wooden Shutters in your Home…

Upcycling is becoming a hot trend when it comes to home DIY projects because it can be a cost effective way to reuse household items that are no longer serving a purpose. So instead of throwing them away, get creative and try turning something old into something new and beautiful for your home. Wooden Shutters provide loads of options as they can be used to create just about anything.

Here are a few ideas using Wooden Shutters to help inspire you.

Keep it private
Grab yourself some hinges and connect three or more Wooden Shutters together, add some embellishments and you have yourself a beautiful Privacy Screen with can be used in any room in the home, or even outside in the garden.

Using Wooden Shutters as a privacy screen

Using Wooden Shutters as a privacy screen in the garden

The Tables turned
Transform your lifeless coffee table into a statement piece of furniture. For this you can simply take an old Wooden Shutter and lay it across the top of an exisiting coffee table to give it a new lease of life. Or if you are feeling more creative then why not make a table or unit from scratch using the wooden shutters to create the top. You can add a pane of glass if desired or leave it in its natural state for a raw more rustic finish.

Using wooden shutters for a table creative coffee table using wooden shutters

Board with your bed
Experiment with different colour wooden shutters and variations in height and angels to create a
unique headboard for your bed.

headboard on a bed using wooden shutters headboard on a bed using wooden shutters

Get Noticed
Organise your life by turning your Wooden Shutters into an innovative Noticeboard. The slats provide the perfect storage places for letters and such like.

wooden shutters as a pinboard

Say it with Flowers
Turn your garden into a tranquil oasis filled with colour and the scents of spring with a stunning flower display trellis. You can add your favourite flowers directly into the slats of the wooden shutter or add a flower box to the front as use the shutter as a backdrop to your whimsical bloom.

garden trellis made form wooden shutters beautiful garden box using wooden shutters

Happy upcycling, have fun…