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Give a traditional flair to your home…

Wooden shutters are a modern way to dress the windows of a house and bring a sense of style with a traditional flair. They provide the perfect option to decorate and enhance the interior and exterior of a house whilst maintaining the privacy of the homeowner. Wooden shutters in Hampshire are a popular choice due to their impeccable light control mechanism combined with their aesthetic appeal. They are adroitly designed to match contemporary trends and blend easily with any kind of home décor meaning many people aspire to owning these high-quality shutters.

Here at Cherry Tree we offer our customers a wide collection of wooden shutters at competitive prices in a variety of wood finishes, styles and sizes, which can be customised to meet your individual requirements.

DIY Tips to help make your home renovation project a design success and avoid a DIY disaster…

DIY is becoming a popular past time amongst many UK homeowners as a way of taking care of those home improvement jobs that pop up around a property. It can save money and is also very satisfying to sit back once completed and enjoy the fruit of your own labour for years to come. However, if not planned properly it could end in disaster. Here are a few tips to help create a DIY design success…

Knowledge is power – To achieve the perfect design you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge to ensure the end result is one that you are proud of and want to show off. The only way to gain this knowledge in by researching into various techniques, be it paint styles, feature walls, floor finishes or window treatments. Fill your head with lots of inspirational ideas which you can source online, from Home Decor Magazines or from watching your favourite interior show on TV. From here you can make an informed design decision on the look that you want for your home.

Know yourself – Think about how you are as a person and how you live your life then try to fit your interior to your character and that of your family. For example, if you have a brood of mini tornados tearing around your home causing havoc and mess in their wake then opting for a light carpet might not be the best choice. Laminate floor or floorboards would probably be more suited. Similarly if your trying to create a tranquil and calming environment where you can relax and read a good book then Plantation Shutters could present the perfect solution as the slats can be positioned in such a way to control the amount of natural light that enters the room.

Don’t skimp on materials – When you’re tackling a DIY project, it can be tempting to try to minimise cost – but that old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true when it comes to the tools and supplies you’ll be working with. So if you are going to tackle a DIY project it is worth investing in quality tools and materials. Selecting a window treatment specialist or reputable flooring supplier to purchase your materials will ensure you’re getting a premium product manufactured to the highest standards.

Know when to call in the professionals – This should be your first concern before you tackle that “simple” project on your own. What seems like an easy fix could leave you scratching your head. In general, we would suggest structural changes, electrical work, plumbing, roofing and replacing windows are tasks best left to the pros. Of course, only you know what you’re comfortable with and if one of the enhancements you want to undertake is a window treatment such as Plantation Shutters then we are always on hand to help guide you on the best option for the room in question and can help install them for you should you feel their installation is beyond your DIY capability.

Enrich the appearance of your home with wooden shutters…

Window treatments are one of the best ways to enrich the overall appearance of your home. There are many window treatments available on the market these days but wooden shutters are a great addition to any home. The main reason behind the popularity of wooden shutters is that they offer a huge variety of textures, finishes and graining options meaning you can customise a look that blends perfectly into your existing home décor.

The benefits of Wooden Shutters

  • Great at controlling to amount of natural light source in a room
  • Provide adequate privacy
  • Protect from extreme weather conditions
  • Energy saving, due to their insulation layers

Can Plantation Shutters increase the resale value of your property?

The answer is quite simply YES, as people aspire to live in a home with shutters. Back in the day, shutters were often an element more in keeping with a Spanish holiday home or an ancestral manor house. Fast forward to the current era and they are fast becoming a sought after and affordable window treatment, favoured over the more traditional choices of drapes and blinds.

There are a number of reasons as to why this is but the key factors are versatility, energy-saving benefits and added security. It’s important that prospective buyers see the potential of a property from the moment they walk through the door. Window treatments can play a vital role in appealing to a buyer as they allow light to filter into the space making rooms appear larger. Plantation shutters also benefit the environment as research has proven that they can reduce energy loss by up to 58%*. Due to the material used in the manufacturing process the shutters add a valid source of insulation so cranking the heating up to full blast during the winter months won’t be necessary and during the summer they act as their own cooling system and light source. Just tilt the panels to the desired angle to adjust the airflow and sunlight that gets into the room.

So what are you waiting for, add some curb appeal to your crib!

*Data source: Thermal performance of traditional windows. English Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University.

Choosing the right window shutters for your home!

At Cherry Tree Shutters we offer a vast selection of Plantation Shutters suitable for any home. Whether you’re looking for modern, traditional, child-friendly or bespoke, we have a solution that will suit your home and your interior décor.

Read our Style File below to help you decide which plantation shutters provide your window with the perfect companion…

  • Classic Shutters – An engineered product made using a MDF outer and a polymer coating. The panels of this style of plantation shutters are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. The Classic range is a great all-rounder and the perfect choice if you require fashionable yet affordable plantation shutters. They are ideal in a family home with pets or small children as they are more durable and don’t mark or dent as easily as other styles of shutters. Our Classic Style plantation shutters can be used for full height shutters, cafe style shutters and in bay window shutters.
  • Marchwood Shutters – A step up in quality, these plantation shutters are made using engineered, solid hardwood shutter panels and utilising the same MDF frames used on Classic.
  • Phoenix Shutters – These are one of our most popular plantation shutters as they are extremely versatile as well as exuberating quality and style. Our Phoenix shutters can be used for wide windows as you can have multiple panels hinged together due to their light weight and can be used in every single style including full height, cafe style, tier on tier, bay windows, tracked shutters and all shaped shutters. Created using lightweight hardwood from a Parasol tree this charismatic wood produces a distinctive grain, due to the way it is grown, and is reminiscent of oak that stands out even when painted.
  • Grovewood Shutters – This style of shutter is made from premium Basswood, a superb fast growing and durable timber that gives these plantation shutters an exceptionally smooth finish showing off the grain when stained. They are available in a wide range of painted and stained finishes.
  • Vienna Shutters – Created from a substance called ABS which is a highly durable and waterproof material, these plantation shutters are perfect for use in the bathroom or a wetroom. Due to their quality engineering they can withstand moist and humid conditions.

For more information about any of the above styles or to view our plantation in situ please visit our Shutter Gallery and Shutter Styles pages.