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The silent killer in your home…

When taking on any home renovation project the safety of your family is always at the forefront of your mind and no more so than when tackling a bedroom revamp for your child.

One of the biggest safety hazards in your baby’s bedroom comes from the window, and we’re not talking about the risk of the glass cracking or the lock mechanism failing, no we are talking about blinds. Most accidental deaths in small children between the ages of 16 and 36 months happen in the bedroom due to the cord from the window blind looping round the child’s neck causing strangulation. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it!

There are of course preventative measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk of this happening, one of which is to install Wooden Shutters. These are one of the safest options for a child’s bedroom as they don’t feature any kind of roll mechanism meaning the need for a cord or chain is eliminated. They are also fantastic at retaining heat in a room, which is perfect during the winter when you want your little one to stay warm at night. The light source within the room can also be angled to the child’s preference using the shutter slats. You can completely shut out the glare of the moonlight if they prefer to sleep in complete darkness or you can angle the shutters to let in the desired amount of light.

If you do want to opt for a blind though the first thing to check before installing it is that it complies with the BBSA’s (British Blinds and Shutters Association) strict guidelines regarding child safety. This association takes a leading role in encouraging the highest possible standards of product service and safety.

Safe by Design is the best option for use in a child’s bedroom as these blinds are cordless or the cords are concealed within the mechanism meaning it is out of a child’s reach. Other blind options include in-built safety systems which feature a chain break, designed to separate under any undue pressure. Or you can purchase a separate safety device, which is designed to tie the cords away or conceal them.

This rule isn’t just restricted to the bedroom and should be applied throughout the house to help reduce the risk of accidents happening.

Creative ways to uses Wooden Shutters in your Home…

Upcycling is becoming a hot trend when it comes to home DIY projects because it can be a cost effective way to reuse household items that are no longer serving a purpose. So instead of throwing them away, get creative and try turning something old into something new and beautiful for your home. Wooden Shutters provide loads of options as they can be used to create just about anything.

Here are a few ideas using Wooden Shutters to help inspire you.

Keep it private
Grab yourself some hinges and connect three or more Wooden Shutters together, add some embellishments and you have yourself a beautiful Privacy Screen with can be used in any room in the home, or even outside in the garden.

Using Wooden Shutters as a privacy screen

Using Wooden Shutters as a privacy screen in the garden

The Tables turned
Transform your lifeless coffee table into a statement piece of furniture. For this you can simply take an old Wooden Shutter and lay it across the top of an exisiting coffee table to give it a new lease of life. Or if you are feeling more creative then why not make a table or unit from scratch using the wooden shutters to create the top. You can add a pane of glass if desired or leave it in its natural state for a raw more rustic finish.

Using wooden shutters for a table creative coffee table using wooden shutters

Board with your bed
Experiment with different colour wooden shutters and variations in height and angels to create a
unique headboard for your bed.

headboard on a bed using wooden shutters headboard on a bed using wooden shutters

Get Noticed
Organise your life by turning your Wooden Shutters into an innovative Noticeboard. The slats provide the perfect storage places for letters and such like.

wooden shutters as a pinboard

Say it with Flowers
Turn your garden into a tranquil oasis filled with colour and the scents of spring with a stunning flower display trellis. You can add your favourite flowers directly into the slats of the wooden shutter or add a flower box to the front as use the shutter as a backdrop to your whimsical bloom.

garden trellis made form wooden shutters beautiful garden box using wooden shutters

Happy upcycling, have fun…


Colour Matters: choosing the right colour for your home….

Most of us have a favourite colour (mine is green) meaning that you are more than likely drawn to shades of that colour when decorating your home (or choosing what to wear) and where is the harm in that?

The answer is actually a lot more philosophical than you might realise. The psychology of colour is a very interesting topic as it can play a huge part in the way we feel. So that shade of green you have covered your lounge wall in could be having a profound impact on your mood. For example, blue evokes calmness & serenity and is often used in office environments as studies have proven that employee’s work more productively in blue rooms, similarly red encourages appetite which is why many restaurants use red in their signage and advertising campaigns. Yellow, although bright and cheerful it is more likely to cause eyestrain and it should definitely be avoided in a baby’s nursery as this colour makes them cry more (apparently). Green is a natural earthy colour so, depending on the tone, it connotes relaxation, freshness and fertility making it the perfect colour to use in a bedroom. If combined with natural features, such as wooden shutters, the atmosphere created will be one of calm and tranquillity.

It is also important to know which colours complement one another and which should be avoided. It’s all to easy to opt for Magnolia through fear that anything else will overpower the room but so long as you understand how colours work together you can use unusual contrasts to create a really unique haven. This is where the Colour Wheel comes into play, its basic rule is that colours opposite each other on the wheel are complementary.

300x257xboudets-colour-wheel-300x257.png.pagespeed.ic.xSh1iAvXX0 (1)

  • Complementary: This is one of the most dynamic colour schemes you can opt for – opposite colours, like combining blue and orange, are guaranteed to add energy – ideal for a room like the kitchen. To combine these colours the best way would be to use one on a feature wall to make a real statement then dress the room with accessories and accents in orange. Orange, similar to red, is said to spike appetite so it is also perfect for Dining rooms.
  • Monochromatic: This means that you choose different shades or intensities of the same colour and use them in combination.
  • Analogous: This approach entails combining one main colour (usually the primary colour) with the two colours either side (usually tertiary colours). It often gives a room a feel of warmth or cool (think cool blue or hot red). Yellow, yellow-orange and orange (think Van Gogh’s Sunflowers) are an example of an analogous colour palette.
  • Contrast: A contrast colour scheme is one that uses colours from different segments of the colour wheel. Red and blue are contrasting, because blue is from the cool half and red from the warm half of the wheel. The contrast is greater when more transitional colours are used to separate the two colours.


‘Shut-ter’ your eyes for a great night’s sleep…

roundup-sleeping-in-dark-room-juicebarIt is recommended that the average adult requires between 7-9 hours sleep per night and that optimum sleep occurs when resting in a completely darkened room before heading off to the land of nod. However with the introduction of smart phones & tablets combined with the stress and fast pace of modern society it seems there is often not enough time to sleep as well as work, socialise and run a home with a young family. This results in many of us laying in bed at night on our phones playing catch up on activities that weren’t completed during the day which results in poor quality/not enough sleep.

Now, we can’t help you restructure your work/play/sleep balance but we can help to create a restful bedroom for you to rest your weary head in at the end of a busy day to aid a well deserved good nights sleep.



Shutters are renowned for their ability to control the amount of light that floods into a room so are a perfect
choice for bedrooms and we would recommend Full Height Shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters or Solid Shutters. Traditional solid shutters offer the ultimate in black-out options as they are, as the name suggests, created from solid slats of wood that close completely flush resulting in a totally dark environment. If you want the option to angle the amount of natural light that shines into your bedroom throughout the day a louvered shutter would provide you with the ability to do so.

Our Full Height or Tier-on-Tier Shutters reign victorious here as the slats can be positioned at different angles during the day to control the light source but can also be completely closed at night.

Shutters are also great for drowning out street noise that might keep you awake at night and they keep the heat in meaning your electricity bills could be lowered during the winter months as you wont need to have it on constantly.

Combine your functional and gorgeously dressed bedroom windows with calming décor and soft lighting then jump into bed, turn off the gadgets and drift off into a peaceful slumber…

MDF Shutters for the budget conscious consumer…

Today, the market is full of window treatment options promising to give an attractive appearance to both the interior and exterior of your home with the most popular rise being Wooden Shutters due to their versatility of wood finishes and style. Wood choices can include Basswood and Elm but for the more budget conscious, MDF is growing in popularity.

The appeal of MDF Shutters in Hampshire is that they give the illusion of a real wood finish without the expense. It is of course important to purchase a good quality MDF product so as not to compromise on the durability of the shutter.

Our Classic Shutters are an engineered product made using an MDF outer and a polymer coating. This is a wood product created by breaking down timber into a powder, which is mixed with wax and resin and then formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is a building material similar in application to plywood but made up of separated fibres, not wood veneers. The panels of the shutter are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping.

They are great if you have pets or small children and they do not mark or dent as easy as lighter materials and they create a pleasant aesthetic appearance from both the inside and the outside of the property.

The Classic range is a great all rounder and the perfect choice if you require a fashionable Plantation Shutter along with affordability.