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5 reasons why you should dress your windows in Plantation shutters

1. Light control and privacy

With plantation shutters you have the ability to control light with ease by simply tilting the louvers to control the light levels or alternatively opening and folding back the shutter panels to allow maximum light and view. Adding a midrail or split point in the louvers, allows you to control your privacy by closing different sections of louvers allowing light to flood in yet keep prying eyes out.

2. Insulation

Plantation shutters have a certain insulation factor to them acting as a secondary glazing, keeping the heat locked in during the winter months and reflecting the heat back out during the hot Summer months.

3. Child Safety

Child safety is a very serious concern within the blind/window covering industry. As shutters have no loose chords or strings for children to get caught in. They work great in areas where children play and sleep.

4. Curb Appeal

Plantation Shutter enhances the look and style of your home both inside and out. Plantation shutters are becoming a very fashionable window covering and have been said to even add value to your property.

5. Can be installed to any shape or size window

As no window/recess is the same, plantation shutters can be tailored to fit any shape or size window, giving privacy and light control on even the most awkward shape windows like circles, triangles and arches.

Cherrytree shutters are Hampshire’s leading plantation shutter specialists; give us a call today to discuss your shutter needs.

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Incorporate your garden into your home this summer

June is now upon us meaning we can officially say “summer has arrived” which for many, means hours of fun and relaxation in the garden or conservatory with the windows and bi-folds open wide to make your outside space a proper part of your home.

Wooden shutters act as a perfect link between the inside and outside without shutting it out as they allow ventilation and light to flood in whilst also offering maximum privacy, perfect for when you (and your neighbours) are pottering around in the garden all day.

On a warm summer’s evening wooden shutters really come into their own as they offer maximum exposure to the extra hours of light. They allow you the ability to control the level of air flow entering your property so you can enjoy the whimsical notes of summer scents flowing throughout your home from dawn until dusk eliminating the green-house effect that quite often happens in a conservatory during the heat of the summer months. What’s more, as all our shutters are bespoke and made to measure to your exact requirements, no rooms are off limits and our selection of designs is so vast that we are sure you will be able to find the perfect style to suit to the look you wish to create. Café Shutters are a popular choice for garden facing windows as they are designed to shield the bottom section only.

Opting for a light wooden finish or white shutters will help evoke feelings of nature within your home and when coupled with light-coloured furnishings and textured finishes you will create a space that feels brighter, more airy and spacious as well as inviting.

Wooden Shutters or Blinds?

Deciding on which window finishing would suit your home the best can be a tough choice and one that deserves spending some time thinking over. Window coverings have a huge effect on the feel of a room from the light source to the appearance they have on your furnishings. It is important to take your whole room into consideration and your outside space before deciding on which to opt for.

Wooden Shutters are crafted to the exact dimensions of your window space so can cover almost any shaped window. The wooden finish gives them a natural, earthy quality creating an air of calm in the room and the light source that enters the space can be easily controlled. Shadows that are cast into the room seem soft and light rather than dark and sharp meaning the colour of your soft furnishing’s don’t change dramatically which can often happen when darker shadows are cast. Another benefit to Wooden Shutters is that many of then can be painted to complement your existing colour scheme, if you don’t want to stick with the natural wooden or crisp white finish.

Blinds are more restricted in their design and work better for standard, square or rectangular windows and in rooms where light control isn’t as important. For example a baby’s nursery might benefit more from a blind (with a safety cord) as you tend to either have them open fully when the baby is awake or closed for nap time – rather than half open. Black out options are also available in blinds, which again might suit your bedroom spaces more.

That said, wooden shutters come in a vast array of designs and finishes that many offer a complete black out feature. The main thing to consider is what will work within your living space and how it will interact with the space that you have created.


Dress your windows for their shape!

People aren’t the only ones who need to think about what to wear to flatter their shape!

Windows need a little bit of help as well to complement their best assets and this is where Wooden Shutters or Plantation Shutters come into play. Bay windows, porthole windows, triangular and full-length windows are architectural masterpieces that deserve to be shown off in all their glory – don’t disguise them behind curtains, make a statement of them!

The main thing to remember when choosing the perfect Wooden Shutter for your irregular shaped windows is that you want to enhance the space not overpower it or obscure the windows shape. Therefore simplicity is key, which is why our range of bespoke, made to measure shutters are ideal as they are tailored to specific requirements so they follow the lines of your windows perfectly.

For the striking and ornate bay windows, our Bay Window Shutters are ideal for any shaped bay ranging from square style bay windows to splade style and are designed to allow for a superior fit within the neat framework. The full height option will allow you to dress your bay with no gaps between each section. They can be ordered with a mid-rail to allow for light control by operating the top and bottom sections independently.

Moving onto shaped windows, where the most common styles tend to include Arched, Circle, Tapered, Triangular, Hexagonal, and Fantop an experienced Wooden Shutter specialist will be able to recommend and install the perfect solution for these more unusual windows turning them from an ‘awkward hole in the wall’ to a beautiful focal point that shows off the architectural detailing. Shaped Wooden Shutters can shade all the parts of the window so that you have maximum control over the light levels entering your room.

For inspiration, why not view our extensive Gallery or pop into our brand NEW SHOWROOM where you can see and feel our shutters to gain a real insight into how they will look in your home.

Wooden Shutters FAQ’s

If you are thinking about installing Wooden Shutters into your home you probably have a number of questions that you would like answered before you make your final decision.

Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently about Wooden Shutters by customers so we hope the answers might help your decision-making process that little bit easier.

  1. What are the benefits of Wooden Shutters over curtains?
    Wooden Shutters are aesthetically pleasing and provide a modern alternative to curtains. They are versatile in their design and can add extra security to a home as well offer energy-saving benefits. Due to the material used in the manufacturing process wooden shutters add a valid source of insulation during the winter and act as their own cooling system and light source in the warmer months.
  1. How do I clean my Plantation Shutters?
    Plantation Shutters can be cleaned simply with a duster and wood polish or just a damp cloth if your wooden shutters are made from uPVC.
  1. Will Wooden Shutters help to keep out window draughts?
    Most definitely! Wooden shutters are very energy efficient as they act as a second barrier against the outside elements making it more difficult for a breeze to seep its way into your cosy living room.
  1. How many styles of Shutters are there and can they be made to my exact requirements?
    We offer five different styles of plantation shutters, these being, Classic, Marchwood, Phoenix, Grovewood and Vienna. Each style has different manufacturing characteristics making each shutter suitable for varying home environments. For example, the Vienna Shutter is ideal for moist or humid conditions so are perfect for use in bathrooms or wet rooms, whereas the Classic Shutters are a great choice for the more budget conscious. Manufactured using an MDF outer and a polymer coating they are a more affordable option than solid wood. All our Shutters are cut to client’s exact measurements so can be fitted into most window shapes including circular and triangular spaces.
  1. How long will my Wooden Shutters last?
    Provided they are cleaned regularly and maintained there is no reason why your Wooden Plantation Shutters can’t last a lifetime.
  1. How much do Wooden Shutters cost?
    As all our shutters are bespoke and designed to a customers exact measurements costs can vary. To obtain a quote, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or give us a call on 02392 359683 and a member of our dedicated team will contain you to arrange an appointment.

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