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Shutters Romsey

Shutters Romsey


Cherrytree Shutters are the leading company for plantation Shutters Romsey. At Cherrytree  Shutters we pride our selves on our quality of service and workmanship. Shutters are becoming extremely popular especially in the the southampton area and across the south coast, Romsey being one of those areas. Shutters offer so many more benefits compare to traditional window covering such as blinds an curtains.

For example;

Low Maintenance –

Shutters are extremely low maintenance. They will never need repainting or spraying. Just a clean every now and again to keep them looking fresh.


Child Safety –

Shutters have no chords or chains for children to get caught up in making them completely safe.

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Bay Window plantation shutters fitted in romsey

Plantation Shutters Hampshire

All plantation shutters from Cherrytree Shutters are custom made to fit any type or shape of window with your home. At Cherrytree Shutters we offer a number of options of colours and finishes.

Cherrytree Shutters will fit all our shutters to suit your home décor, not the other way around. Whether its the lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, we will strive to meet your design needs.

Our most popular range of shutters are our Classic Range. The Classic range is the perfect choice if you require the fashionable Plantation Shutters along with affordability.
Classic style Shutters are a great all rounder. They are more durable than some of the other shutters available on the market.
They are great if you have pets or small children and do not mark or dent as easy as lighter materials.
Classic Style shutters can be used for full height shutters, cafe style shutters and in bay window shutters.

That is why for residents in Hampshire we recommend our Classic Range of shutters above all else.

Talk to us if you are in the market to improve the beauty of your home and are considering window shutters. Click on our contact us page or view our branches page and request a callback from one of our sales representatives.

Why Choose Local over National?

If you are in the market to improve the look and feel of your home, or what the environmental benefits or even if you are looking at reducing your energy bills then it is very important that you choose the right company.

Of course we will want to recommend ourselves to any potential customers, but we at Cherrytree Shutters has years of experience in the field and has services hundreds of customers within the Hampshire arena. Cherrytree Shutters are a leading Local Plantation Shutter company we offer affordable prices whilst offering the best possible customer service.

All our Plantation Shutters and Wooden Shutters are installed by qualified carpenters for the highest quality installation.

with over 500 independent customer reviews we score 9.96 our of 10 and are very proud of our results.

When looking around the internet or searching for Plantation Shutter companies we strongly recommend that you properly check the company out. Make sure you look to see if the company has any reviews or customer testimonials, this will help you get an overview of the service they have received.

Increase your Homes Value with Wooden Shutters

Plantation Shutters from Cherrytree Shutters are an attractive, though expensive, window treatment. While the cost may make some people consider other alternatives, there are numerous compelling reasons to opt for Plantation Shutters mini-blinds, drapes and curtains.

Plantation Shutters have a clean look to them and are very appealing. In addition, many home buyers find plantation shutters a plus when comparing potential homes which can make your investment pay off in the long run.

While good looks may have you ready to make the plunge, you may need a few more reasons to help you make a decision. If you have a partner living with you, not only will you have to convince yourself, you will likely need to convince your partner that ordering shutters is a smart move. Here are ten compelling reasons to consider.

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Privacy
  3. Ventilation
  4. Durability
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Energy savings to the environment
  7. Save on energy bills
  8. Child safety
  9. Increase home value
  10. Preserve the life of furniture

Can Plantation Shutters Reduce Your Home Energy Bills?

Plantation Shutters or Wooden Shutters are fast becoming the the UK’s most wanted interior window covering for our homes and offices. Plantation Shutters offered by Cherrytree Shutters the South’s leading ‘Hampshire Plantation Shutter Company’ can offer a huge choice of stylish wooden shutters which can also save you money and increase the value of your property!

  • Keeping Warm in the Winter
    Did you know that the windows on our homes are responsible for 10-25% of our properties energy bill! So how can Plantation Shutters help to reduced your homes energy bills?
    Plantation Shutters can retain heat by up to 50%, the natural wood material traps air and prevents heat loss, keeping your windows more insulated.
  • Keeping Coll in the Summer
    Air Space reduces the buildup of solar heat within our homes, the slates on Plantation Shutters can be adjusted to offer better ventilation. This helps support our homes and prevents our rooms from becoming hot & stuffy.
  • Reducing Energy Bills
    Plantation Shutters do improve your properties energy efficiency, this allows your heating and cooling bills to be reduced throughout the course of the year. The enables you as homeowners to reduce the need to turn up the thermostat in the winter months and running costly air conditioning systems during the summer.